Maintaining a leather jacket

A high-quality leather jacket is a great investment that will add value to your wardrobe in several years, even decades - at least if you properly take care of it! If not properly maintained, your great leather jacket could quickly lose its wow factor... So here's a few simple things you should do to maintain your leather jacket:


1. Make it water resistant

Go for a silicone polymer spray or an acrylic copolymer spray. These will preserve the leather's appearance and shine.


2. Apply leather conditioner

Use leather conditioner to prevent dryness and restore oil in the leather. Just make sure you don't use too much, or you risk clogging the pores and reduce your jacket's longevity.


3. Let it air dry

First of all, try to avoid getting your leather jacket wet... IF a sudden rain shower catches you by surprise, the most important thing is to let your leather jacket dry slowly at room temperature. Let it hang on a hanger and remove all items from your pockets to avoid stretching the leather.


Leather tanning in ancient times

The process of producing leather from animal skins is called tanning. The use of leather can be traced back to Pakistan as far as 7.000 BC. It was used by ancient civilisations to create waterskins, boats, bags, boots, sandals and even armour.


Tanning was originally seen as a noxious trade and was mostly practiced outside of the towns. Back then, tanners would first clean and soften the skin by soaking it in water. After that followed a process of pounding and scouring the skin, and subsequently removal of the hair. Finally the tanner would "bate" (soften) the skin to achieve the desired result.


The ancient tanneries were rather malodorous as the tanning process involved both urine and animal feces, in addition to the naturally decaying flesh... At Lehman Leather we're pretty happy about the progress that's been made since then!